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Pan Viral Infectious Screening and Diagnostics

Virfast Goals - Three Objectives:

    1.Virfast tackles the problem of identifying any virus RNA / DNA and considering all KNOWN STRAINS to date

    2.NGS data is generated from the sample and enviroment for analysis. Data noise is negated hence increasing result accuracy

    3.Credence updates latest references consistently ensuring the accurate analysis of each sample

    The ultimate goal of Virfast is to enhance its machine learning capabilities to be able to diagnose novel viral infections in real time based on estabished protocols.

Comprehensive Overview

    Any sample suspected of a viral infection can be collected as per our Standard Operating Protocols(SOP) and shipped to our facility or a collabarative facility.

    Based on the time the sample is received the exact infecting virus is identified in 36 to 48 hours

    The NGS data generated is analyzed in detail through specialized informatic pipelines.Analysis and report generation take 30 - 40 minutes from the time of upload to our secure servers

No Description Credence dxn1 ---- Virfast PCR/RT-PCR IgG/IgM
1 Multi-Strain Identification +++++ ++ N/A
2 PPV(Positive Predictive Value) +++++ ++ +++ - 8 to 10 days
3 NPV(Negative Predictive Value) +++++ ++ +++ - 8 to 10 days
4 Poly viral infections – allows for active differential +++++ ++(Multiplexed) N/A
5 Speed +(36 to 48 hours for full protocol) +++(literature) +++(literature)
6 Cost $$$(volume dependent) $$$ $$$
7 Adaptability +++++ + +

Virfast & dxn1 testing are restricted due to import and border control restrictions at our centers in India & Sri Lanka because of COVID-19 temporarily. See how we can help

Provide VirFast?

Existing NGS facilities can sign up through our d36t.com to collobarate and offer the test at your site.
If you are a healthcare institution or clinician who wants to provide the test for their patient please fill out Contact Us d36t

Development Roadmap

Virfast will integrate other clincical data to provide an actionable sepsis score.Credence Genomics team has dedicated its skills and resources to fighting infections, sepsis, and antibiotic misuse.

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